Car Show on the Green
UCIPD's 17th Annual Car Show on the Green Saturday, April 18, 2015.  Visit for more information.
14th Annual Car Show on the Green

If you like car shows in a hot asphalt parking lot; then this show is not for you.

If you like car shows where most of the attendees are the owners of the other cars at the show; then this show is not for you.

If you like car shows that charge you extra for coffee, donuts, drinks, kettle corn and more; then this show is not for you.

But if you like car shows located in a the center of a beautiful park, surrounded by thousands college age admirers; a show where you are not charged for all the "extras", and show limited to 125 cars, with over 30 awards; then THIS IS YOUR SHOW.

Sixteen years ago, we made a commitment, to always make this a "your show".  We realized that we could not have a car show if car owners did not attend.  Based on that spirit, we have maintained a low entry fee ($25.00).

We offer each participant morning coffee with a donut, lunch (TBD), soft drinks and bottled Arrowhead water, Kettle Corn, Ice Cream, and 31 awards. 

This event is again being held in conjunction with CELEBRATE UCI (the campus wide open house), AND WAYZGOOSE, (a medieval theme festival of student clubs).  These three events will bring thousands of spectators to the car show, so be prepared.

If you have any questions contact us at

or call (949) 510-2951. Hope to see you there!!!

Vehicles will enter the park from East Peltason Drive and Engineering Service Rd.  No access prior to 8:00am.  Show vehicles need to arrive by 9:30am.

Past Shows:

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