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UCI Police Department received a report of a sexual assault that occurred on campus (Vista del Campo student housing) on June 12, 2020, between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. The suspect is known to the victim.

If you have information that could be helpful in this investigation, please contact the UCI Police Department at (949) 824-5223.

Safety Tips:

  • If you are going out alone, make sure that someone knows where you are going, who you will be with and when you expect to return.
  • If you start to feel concerns about a person or a situation, trust your feelings and try to remove yourself as quickly as possible from the potential threat, even if it is someone whom you know and even if it feels awkward to do so.
  • If you think someone is at risk of assault or abuse, you should consider it an emergency and act to support that person.
  • You can call the police or ask for help from other people, intervene directly if safe, or create a distraction to help remove the potential victim from the situation.
  • The UCI Police Department Safety Escort program is available to anyone calling (949) 824-SAFE (7233). This is a free service provided to members of the UCI community as a safe alternative to walking alone at night.
  • Dial 9-1-1 for emergency or in-progress events. Non-emergency call (949) 824-5223.



Liz Griffin
Chief of Police
UCI Police Department

UCI Crime Alerts are released by the UCI Police Department when certain crimes are reported on or near UCI property, in compliance with federal law. These Crime Alerts provide information about campus safety situations and allow campus community members to take precautions for personal safety.

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