Special Event Request

The police department is responsible for receiving, evaluating, recommending, and providing security services for all organized events on campus that are requested by campus organizations, Regents, and other campus affiliates. Additionally, the police department provides dignitary protection to heads of state, VIP’s, and other dignitaries who visit our campuses.

Police Special Event Services are provided on a variety of levels to include sworn police officers, Community Safety Ambassadors (CSA), or a combination of both. Charges for most services are a fixed re-charge per hour fee.

To request a quote or evaluation for Police Special Event services, please complete the 'Service Request Form'.

Questions may be directed to ucipdspecialevents@uci.edu

UCIPD is one of the departments that must be involved in the pre-planning and research of all major special events held on the University campus.

The reasons for detailed planning are:

  • To provide a safe and secure environment
  • To prevent crime
  • To maintain order
  • To protect persons and property
  • To respond to and implement emergency services when required
  • To prepare for and request necessary emergency and non-emergency services
  • To determine the best methods for achieving these goals in a cost effective manner