CSA Hiring Process

The CSA hiring process consists of 5 steps:

  1. Completing the online application
  2. Phone interview
  3. Panel on-site interview
  4. The background investigation
  5. Live scan fingerprinting

All five steps must be successfully completed before a final hiring decision is made. Applicants may be declined at any stage of the process due to unsatisfactory qualifications. The hiring process typically takes four to six weeks.

For more information, please contact Tori Fiscus, CSA Program Manager, at (949) 824-6090

1. The Application

The application is scored utilizing a standardized point scale in which certain general requirements must be met. These requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Currently enrolled full-time UCI student (UCI extension students do not qualify).
  • Have at least 1 academic year remaining at UCI.
  • Being above a 2.4 GPA (cumulatively and quarterly)
  • Possessing a valid class C driver license (has not been previously suspended or revoked).
  • The ability to work 12-19 hours per week, including weekends.

Additional points may be awarded based on the hours that the applicant is available to work, work history, related job experience, current certifications, and any attached letters of recommendation. The accumulation of points in the application phase will be used to determine whether an applicant will proceed to the next phase of the hiring process.

2. The Phone Interview

The phone interview is a formal interview which is scored on a standardized point scale. The applicant will be evaluated in various areas including communication skills, general levels of knowledge, and work availability.

3. The On-Site Interview

The on-site interview is conducted at the UCI Police Department with a panel of interviewers. The applicant will be evaluated in various areas including problem solving, communication skills, public relations, general levels of knowledge. The interviewers will pose hypothetical scenarios in an effort to evaluate competency in the above mentioned areas.

4. The Background Investigation and Reference Check

This phase of the hiring process consists of the background investigation and reference checks. The preliminary investigation will cover your education, residential history, employment, driving record, and student conduct. The background investigator will talk to your references about your work ethic, your attitude, and your overall demeanor.

5. Live Scan Fingerprinting

The final phase of the background process involves the fingerprinting background check with the Department of Justice and the FBI.